Video Game Soundtracks

Moonglow Bay (2021) | Bunnyhug

music by Lena Raine | double bass

Embr trailer (2021) | CurveDigital

Trailer music by Ben Wallace | double bass

Ambition: A Minuet in Power (2021) | Joy Manufacturing Co.

music by John Robert Matz | double bass

Code Tycoon (2021) | Okta

music by Nabeel Ansari | double bass, electric bass

Mortal Kombat 11 (2019) | NetherRealm Studios

music by Wilbert Roget II | double bass

LuckyLand Slots (2019)

music by SerialLabSounds | double bass

New Super Lucky’s Tale (2018) | Microsoft Studios

music by Romain Gauthier | double bass

ANEW: The Distant Light (TBA, demo available) | Resonator

music by Wilbert Roget II | double bass

Letterbound (TBA, demo available) | Hunt & Peck

music by Ben Wallace | double bass 



The Guardian (2020) | SAFEHOUSE Inc.

music by Wilbert Roget II | double bass

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla (2015) | Scholastic/Weston Woods

music by Nicholas DiBerardino | double bass



Generations: A Symphonic Tale (2021) | John Paul Heyward

double bass

Hang on to Your Hat (2020) | Video Game Jazz Orchestra | Materia Collective

arranger, "Ultimate Koopa"

Jazz Arrange Version: Final Fantasy VII (2020) | Sean Schafianski

electric bass, "The Oppressed"

Parallelus (2019) | David Peacock

double bass - "Dreamwatch of Time," "Chronopolis," "Dragon God," "Life ~ Faraway Promise ~"

Jazz Arrange Version: Final Fantasy IV (2018) | Sean Schafianski

double bass - "The Lunarians"

Ballads of Hyrule (2018) | Rozen

double bass - "Farore's Wind"

Sins of Hyrule (2017) | Rozen

double bass - "King of Light and Shadow"

New Game+ (2016) | Materia (from Overclocked Records)

double bass - "Prelude"


Independent / Other Projects

The Big Con (2021) | Mighty Yell

Voice acting - Ted, The Comedian, various characters

Intro Animation (2021) | Introduction to livestreams at

music by FlexstyleMusic | double bass

New Haven Ballet (2021) | with the Videri String Quartet

various recordings for video presentations | double bass

Line Them Up! A Paper Mario: The Origami King Concert (2021) | for VGMTogether, dir. Laura Intravia

arranger, "Vellumental Battle" and "Legion of Stationery"

electric bass, "Autumn Mountain," "Yellow Streamer," and Credits

Advanced Propulsion (2020) | Penguin Grenade

designed by Paul Stoughton | double bass

Seaglass Carousel music (2019) | Battery Park Conservancy

music by Ben Wallace | double bass

Zeldathon 10th Anniversary (2019) | Peter Bobinski, Videri String Quartet

double bass, additional arranging